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facebook Names Unibot a Leading 2019 Chatbot Developer Names Unibot a Leading 2019 Chatbot Developer

Understanding that online messengers are now a primary communication tool, Unibot makes them simple, instant, and convenient.

We know as artificial intelligence continues to develop, conversations made via Chabot can be natural and smooth. Our work in designing chatbots for popular platforms has been recognized by as we were named leadingChatbot developersin their latest report.

Located in the center of Washington D.C., Clutch is a meticulous ratings and reviews site dedicated to bringing together businesses with the best agency or service provider for their precise needs. The platform can help businesses find everything from the best marketing support, to a software resolution from an agency like us. The firm analyzes hundreds of companies across the globe based on the companies’ high client satisfaction, diverse market presence, and their track record of high-quality results. Part of this analysis involves speaking directly with clients over the phone or gathering information via an in-depth online form.

Based on the reviews provided by our customers, we have been able to maintain a nearly perfect 5-star rating on the platform. While a number can only say so much, a recent project we did with Salateria illustrates our high rating.

Valeria Pitiakova, a Project Manager at Salateria, was looking for a company to develop a chatbot to help customers place orders, pay online, and talk to the cashiers. Unibot provided a solution. Pitiakova said that the result was stable and easy to use. “Unibot is very tolerant and flexible,” she added. “Unibot produced seamless, stable, and secure deliverables. The user-friendly chatbot they delivered has received markedly positive feedback. The team demonstrated focused expertise and innovative mindset that led to a cutting-edge solution.”

While this is only one of the several courteous reviews left on Clutch, our success has been extended to Clutch’s sister-sites: The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest publishes industry reports, tech news, and how-to guides to help a business in wisely choosing their next partner. Here we are listed amongst other top Chatbot developers. Visual Objects strives to help businesses similarly, as it is a platform where you can view agencies or developers’ past work to visualize services they provide.

If it weren’t for our amazing clients, we would not be listed as one of the best Chabot developers by Clutch. We sincerely appreciate their participation, as well as Clutch’s, in taking the time to understand to give feedback on our quality services. We are looking forward to helping more clients achieve success through our Chatbot solutions.

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