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Unibot — create chatbots for your brand communication

We are a team of developers, digital marketers, creative writers, and strategists. And we create chatbots for instant messaging between brands and people.


How it works

Messengers are now the primary communication tool. They are simple, instant, and convenient. And the advent of chatbot platforms has made them also a powerful business tool. We bring communication to a new level by designing smart bots for popular platforms.

Bot idea

Everything starts with an idea. We define the goals and objectives of your bot, as well as its functionality.

Script design

Experience is all about emotion. We design interactive conversational scripts employing design thinking.

Additional modules

We add more functionality to your bot by using modules and services such as AI, NLP, databases, and API integration.


The team of developers strives to create a product of such quality to leave QA team with no work.


It's time to introduce your bot to the real world. We integrate the program into the messaging platform and launch it.


Enjoy a boost in user engagement rates, brand loyalty, and most importantly, brand awareness.

Where it works

Customer service

Thanks to technological advancement, we live in a digital world where practically everything is possible. However, there is something else — a human touch. Successful companies know how important it is to have a personality. Chatbots are a tool that makes communication with customers smooth, intuitive, and efficient.



The sale is communication. However, chatbots in modern messenger platforms can more than just talk. For example, they improve customer experience, reduce waiting time, send personal recommendations, are in touch 24/7, and automate internal processes.



Banks were one of the first to see a great potential of chatbots. An increasing number of world banks are launching smart bots on their websites and in apps. Thanks to such a personal assistant, bank clients can keep track of their spending, transfer money, pay for goods and services, solve problems, get tips — all this right in their favorite messenger.


Entertainment and Events

Entertainment is a big part of our lives, and chatbots are becoming the main players in this game. You can create a bot that would troll users in social networks with quotes from the Bible or bot that would entertain your kids with knock-knock jokes. A bot-personal tour guide or event-bot, planning your agenda and paying for tickets.


Our advantages

Targeted content

Integrated knowledge base and database of the product or service info.

Bot-human model

Have a full control over the conversation — let your bot connect a user to an assistant to address specific issues.

Data-driven bot

Collect and analyze data for better product positioning.

Mobile banking

Connecting any payment system allows your users make payments right in the messenger.

Conversational scripts

Multilevel dialog trees are adapted to any twist of the conversation.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI and NLP, conversation with a bot is natural and smooth.

Case studies



Objective: To provide users with a simple tool for instant and secure money transfer in one tap, Leogaming and Mastercard aimed to develop the first Ukrainian banking bot in Messenger.

Solution: Leobot has an integrated digital wallet, Masterpass, allowing users to make any transactions right in Messenger, from transferring money between cards to paying for services.


Formula 1 Baku City Circuit

Objective: Develop a chatbot for solving the most common requests.

Solution: Formula 1 Baku chatbot will help you in the navigation of territory Azerbaijan Gran Prix, tell about the lineup, choose the best grandstand to watch racing, notify of results, remind about autograph sessions.


Objective: Creating a common platform for calculations and payments of Muslim charitable donations.

Solution: Digital Platform for mandatory and voluntary donations payment.

Salateira Bot

Salateira, an international chain of fats-healthy restaurants, needed to make service more personal, and fasten a order process.


Watsons Bot

Objective: Watsons chain store offers a really impressive product assortment. How not to get lost? A bot-catalog would help to choose and order goods, send promo codes, and inform about new items.

Solution: in progress.



Objective: Automating the distribution of football news, videos, and predictions from Footboom.com to Facebook users. Providing subscribers with an opportunity to choose when and how often to receive news.

Solution: in progress.


Kyiv Zoo

Objective: Kyiv Zoo is the largest zoo in Ukraine with a huge audience. There are long lines to the ticket offices, day by day. Zoo Bot had to make customet service friendlier and save time by allowing guests to buy tickets to the zoo right in Messenger.

Solution: in progress.



Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all want to dominate the business of providing artificial-intelligence services through cloud computing. The winner may have the OS of the future.


Mike Cooper is CEO of PHD Worldwide, the global communications planning and media buying agency network.